Please note: We are proud to be in full compliance with the U.S. Department of Interior American Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 as to absolute guarantee of authenticity of origin, materials and tribal affiliation of the artist.

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We do our best to describe each item and we encourage you to ask any questions before you purchase an item.  We guarantee that our items are 100% authentic and originate as stated in the listing.

We have a passion for Native American items and we do not deal with any items that we would not choose to own ourselves.  Many items are old and have beautiful stories and journeys behind them.  There is a spiritual connection and past in each piece and we respect each of them.

If you are unhappy with an item, you may return it to us within 7 days of receiving the item.  We ask that you pay the return shipping and delivery confirmation.

Thank you!

For bracelets with stones we ask that you are sure of your bracelet size. We check each stone in our bracelets to make sure they are secure and tight. To wear or stretch a bracelet that does not fit properly could cause the stone to become loose and fall out. We have a 7 day return policy on all of our items. If you are not happy with one of our pieces return it within 7 days and we will refund your money! We do not repair jewelry but can highly recommend a silversmith who does. ~WINGZ~


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We ship out the same day payment is made if not the following morning. We like you to receive your item as soon as possible so you can see how fabulous it is! Delivery time depends on the method chosen for shipping. We try to find the fastest, most reliable and safest way to ship your item at a reasonable price. we may have picked a certain shipping method but you are welcome to chose any method you want and pay the difference. We notify you when the package is mailed, which shipping method and estimated delivery time.  

Terms of Sale

We do our best to describe each of our items and to ship them out in a nice gift bag in a safe and quick manner. We love having you visit us and want you happy. We do except returns within 7 days of purchase. If there is a problem with any item please contact us as soon as it arrives. We do track each item when it is shipped out with Delivery Confirmation so we know when it arrives. If you do return an item the buyer is responsible for return postage and delivery confirmation.