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Native American Sterling Silver Woman's Watch Cuff Bracelet Jewelry 1 Size 6 sku 488Viewed 2214 times
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We do have a lay away plan with 30 % down, total due within 45 days.

Wingz of Power - Native American Jewelry
Pottery, Sage Herbs and Feathers

Navajo Sterling Silver
Stamped Cuff Bracelet
Women’s WATCH
Size 6

 Condition- New
 Item- Native American Indian Jewelry
 Metal- Sterling Silver, .925, SS
 Stone- None
 Artist- Katalene Scott
 Tribe- Navajo
 Size- 6 – 6 ¼ or 6.25
 Weight- 1.2 ounces
 Original & Authentic- Hallmark stamped & Signed


This bracelet cuff watch band is sterling silver with Navajo designs and a complimentary watch that has stainless steel encasings. Each design has been hand stamped and deep notched within the sterling. The watch movement features a white back face with three black tone hands and italicized black numbers at each hour mark.

Navajo Katalene Scott’s hallmark stamp “ Ks “ is stamped within the cuff bracelet. Katelene lives in Gallup New Mexico where the world’s finest Native American silversmiths make their home. She is multi talented and has made quite a name for herself with her variety of silver pieces from watches to rings to bracelets as well as her deep designs that she imbeds within the pieces of art that she produces. Both of her parents as well as siblings also are very talented in the Native American art field.

1.2 ounces

The size of the bracelet is a 6 – 6.25. The inside of the bracelets frame measures 5.50 inches with a .75 inch gap. It will easily fit a 6 – 6.25 inch wrist. The width of the bracelet is 1 inches and it is 1 mm thick in sterling silver.

If you are not sure of your wrist size for a bracelet, try these steps~
Wrap a loose measuring tape or piece of string around the bone area of your wrist from point to point. Where the measuring tape meets together you will see your wrist size. If using a string, lay it flat on a ruler and you will determine your size. It is highly recommended that you buy only the bracelets that will fit your wrists. To stretch a bracelet to fit on your wrist, not only are you putting stress on the silver but also on the stones - so please know your sizes! All of our items are inspected and mailed with stones intact.

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